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It is the activities related to the provision of the funds needed for the individual or the operating expenses and to use them effectively. In other words, finance, institutions or people to make investments as a result of financial gain and these investments are evaluated over time. Any money, resources, capital or funds that can be used for any expenditure. The scope of finance is not just funding a expenditure. It also includes the effective use of the funding provided.

Scope of Finance


An entity is called financing to provide the resources needed for all of its assets and other expenses, or to provide the money needed to meet the expenses of individuals. In short, what is the question of financing is the provision of funds needed. What we mean by finance is the money, funds, resources used for expenditures. For this reason, we can use the term man financing man instead of esi providing money man. There is no conceptual difference between the two terms. Financing is the financial aspect of financial management for the enterprise or institution. Public institutions and organizations need financing to carry out activities such as production, investment, sales and stockpiling in various activities. The financing needs of the public sector are obtained from sources such as emission, foreign borrowing and securities issuance, while the financing needs of enterprises can be provided
by bank loans.

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