Social Media and Sexuality Attention

  • 07 Kasım 2018
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Social Media and Sexuality  Attention

Social Media and Sexuality Attention

social media atention

Social Media Atention

Social media and teenage sexuality Advancement in technology has been tagged; fashion,modernity and revolution. Social media being a part of this revolution is indeed a channel for communication and acquisition of knowledge. With social media we can; shop online,group chat, book appointments and much more. Despite this mind blowing advantages, malicious acts such as: cultism,sexual harassment, cyber bullying, scamming and drug trafficking are gradually and rapidly taking over. Teenagers are counted amongst the people with more idle time which they tend to invest on their mobile phones and gargets.
This has creates traffic even among advance users as teens turn to identify themselves with the growing world having little or no knowledge about their disadvantages
Teens in communication stumble over known and unknown personalities who’s intentions are undefined

social media and Sexuality atention

social media and Sexuality atention

With the quest for adventure and fear of not left behind, they become experimental tools for oral sex and pons with a single click. Genital exposures, sex scenes adverts, sex group chat demands and free access to any information has led to hyper sex appetite.
It is sad to know that girls have become the most exposed to the negative aspect of social media. This with critical thinking could be avoided when parents assume their responsibilities and decline being too busy for their kids
-Parental guardians and monitoring is needed in reducing sexual risk behaviours for teenagers for low parental monitoring predicts early sexual activity for both sex
-Higher levels of parental knowledge on the whereabouts delay sexual onset especially amongst girls
-Higher parental support leads to a delay in sexual interests

Social Media and Sexuality  Attention



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